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Floral Heart Project Memorial

We've created this page as a place to honor our floral heart project volunteers, share their stories and commemorate the loved ones they have lost to COVID-19.

"I'm participating in the Floral Hearts project because loving acknowledgement of all that's occurring matters. Not only the loss of my dad, the loss of all the loved ones, the loss of finances, the loss of connection, loss is everywhere right now. It's important to acknowledge profound loss attention and beauty." - Carolyn, California Volunteer

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"I'm doing this for my dad who fought a good fight, and for our community to come together to recognize our collective loss." - Kimberlee, Pennsylvania Volunteer

"I'm a front-line worker, a bedside nurse and have seen this virus at its worst. Mostly it has been very difficult for patients to not have their loved ones at their bedsides. I have recruited a group of freshman boys to help me with this project, this age group has lost so much in addition to potentially a loved one, their lives have been suspended." - Melissa, Massachusetts Volunteer

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"I am participating to tell my community i am thinking and supportive of those who have lost a loved one due to COVID. My heart overflows with love and offers you hope to find peace and joy." - Detra, Pennsylvania Volunteer

"We need to have a safe space and community to support those that have lost someone or have known of someone that passed. Because right now it feels like people have gone through it, but they don't feel safe to talk about it." -Luz Maria, Illinois Volunteer

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Floral Heart Tributes Across the Country